Good News (and some bad news)

Today SMARTiSverige has good news, and bad news.

The good news: our newly designed Leaderboard is up! And hot dog, does it look awesome! (And you’d think Rikki is our favourite guy, the way he keeps showing up there. Go man go!)

Now you can see the Top 10 people in SMART as well as check up on your own statistics using your SMART username or email address! A lot of people were concerned that they couldn’t easily track their progress with their points in the Leaderboard, and we agreed! So we hope that this is a fun and easy way to see how you are doing in SMART.

Not on the Top 10? Not a problem. Just use your email or SMART username to look yourself up.

Okay, so that’s the super cool great news we had for you this morning. 

The bad news is…well, it’s summer, and that means- vacation! Even for Team SMART!

SMART’s competitions will end at the end of June and we will be AFK (if you’re born before 1995, that means “away from keyboard”) until August 1st, when we come back with some new campaigns, challenges, and cool activities for Fall. We hope you have a fun vacation and don’t miss us too much.

We appreciate you guys SO much- and don’t stop making sustainable travel choices over the summer! Sigma is a little addicted to social media, so if you tag yourself with #resSMART throughout July, hey, maybe we feature your photo, maybe we send you a special gift in the mail, maybe you get a hug. Who knows! The possibilities are endless. Just like the joy of summer.

In fun, peace, and sustainable mobility,



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