Our April Leaderboard Winners!

Team SMART is thrilled to announce that the APRIL LEADERBOARD winners have been notified! Our big thanks to Annica, Heidi and Farrier25A for participating. We also had a chance to talk to Annica and Heidi about how they started using SMART and why they like it!

Annica was our overall leaderboard winner with the most points in April! She usually bikes to work, a distance of 3 Swedish miles (30km) every day, all year round- super impressive! “I like the app because I bike already, but I really like competing between Gothenburg and Stockholm too,” she told us. “You don't have to log your trips because it's automatic, it's very simple. It's fun to see how much you've done. If you like exercise and you like competition, this is a great app to have.”

Now Annica has earned herself a GoPro session so she can do cool things like this:

Heidi was our Public Transit hero, with the most public transit points in April! She read about it in the Metro paper on the bus, and since she has a 40km commute every day, she decided to download the app and give it a try. Now she’s a huge fan. “I think it’s an amazing idea! I get to check how many km a day I have traveled. It gives you other thoughts and feedback about how you are travel, but now I have more thoughts about how I am traveling. Before, if a co-worker had offered to give me a ride, but now I will take the bus and tram. Just try it out, it’s a fun way to just register how you’re traveling because you can really see everything that you’ve done.”

Heidi’s earned herself a FitBit, so now she can really keep track of her health and physical activity:

Our last leaderboard winner, Farrier25A, also earned himself a Fitbit. But who will win the Leaderboard for May? It's only a couple more weeks until....maybe you win? Check back in a few days to see the new standings!

Good luck and get moving! #resSMART #resSMARTtillsammans


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